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Wipe out Waste with Johnson’s Baby and TerraCycle

June 18, 2011 by  
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What a great idea to Wipe out Waste from Johnson’s Baby in conjunction with TerraCycle. Their new initiative to re-use the packaging surrounding Johnson’s Baby products is designed to reduce the amount of waste. The plastic found in used packets of Johnson’s Baby Wipes will be used to create new brand products, such as mouse mats and bibs, helping to reduce the amount of virgin materials extracted from natural resources. TerraCycle creates national recycling systems for previously non-recyclable waste. They also run collection programmes in the UK for yogurt pots, coffee eco refill pouches, coffee t-discs, baby food pouches, and pens and are currently running a trial collecting used asthma inhalers.

According to Johnson’s, in the UK our non-recyclable rubbish is typically sent to landfill, or a waste-to-energy facility. The processing of this rubbish creates carbon emissions which could be avoided if the material was reused. Through their partnership with TerraCycle they are providing the option to help keep packaging waste out of landfill, making it available to be used again. By upcycling this waste it can be used as the material when new products are created. This process requires much less energy and resources compared to starting from scratch with raw materials.

Instead of throwing out your empty packaging, you can now download a prepaid label and send it off to be ‘upcycled’ into a range of new items.

You can help to Wipe out Waste in these easy steps:

  • Collect – simply collect your empty JOHNSON’S® Baby Wipe packets
  • Send – register online at / (UK) or / (Ireland), download a pre-paid label and post the empty packets to TerraCycle, who will donate 2p to a charity or school of the collector’s choice for every package sent.
  • Upcycle – TerraCycle will then upcycle the collected packets, transforming them into stylish and eco-responsible products like baby bibs or mouse mats

A spokesperson for TerraCycle said:

Johnson’s Baby is the first baby wipes manufacturer to take the lead to upcycle its packaging and the Wipe out Waste scheme is the first TerraCycle initiative in Ireland.”

TGF think that Wipe out Waste is a wonderful initiative to help save the planet.

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